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Week Fourteen – Research Report (Digital Copy)

I was debating whether or not to upload my final Research Report as it is merely a summary of the first half of this Blog with some iterations, but it would be a great place to keep a copy of it for safekeeping:



Week Fourteen – Useful Links Throughout FYP

As the project is nearing completion, I thought it best to submit a post containing some of the links that I found to be very useful during my FYP:!×402.jpg×465.jpg,,/cb6d25cc0349ec36a98f261a781999b8/


These links too a very long time to gather and I hope that they may also serve as a base for those who may also be considering undertaking a project in this area.

Easter Week – Updated Schedule

I had omitted some tasks from the schedule, so I’ve updated it to include them. There is no doubt I’m still missing tasks, but they will be added as time progresses:

Updated Schedule for FYP

Week Eight – Techsoft Testing

This week I will finally start work on my final model, and as the Techsoft machines have seen no use as of yet, I felt it would be beneficial to mock up a test piece of the end cap:

It’s very nifty how it verifies the accuracy of the Solidworks model that is used to create the piece:

However, this did reveal another issue with this model. If they are not placed vertically, there is a possibility that the top bed would fall off. However this can be easily fixed by adding  a slight groove to the top of the model.

Week Eight – Materials Board

Here is a collage of some of the many sustainably sourced materials that I have collected over the project. Enjoy!

Materials Board