Week Fourteen – Proof of Concept

I have some very good news in relation to the actual growing abilities of my product. When the environment is recreated for testing purposes, it works!

As you can see, the pot depths and space are the same here as in my final model:

I planted seeds and watered them regularly and set them against the window, exactly as my product would be used, and the seeds began to germinate. After the first few weeks, here is the result:

After some time, there came a lull in the growing speed, and some plants began to wither. But this is perfectly normal according to my research, so I had to go and separate the weak plants from the stronger ones. Once I had completed this, I left the stronger ones grow in the same plant pot.

Now, week fourteen, the plants are thriving:

I also took it upon myself to grow some turnips in a deeper pot, which would also be part of my product, and they are growing very healthy.

The plants grown are lettuce, radish and turnip.

Overall, I’m very pleased with these results, as it means the space allocated to them is perfectly adequate. I was debating whether or not to shrink them down in order to give myself more freedom with the aesthetic, but in the end, I need to design something that will give the users what the want. A functional product is, according to my research, what the users wanted. I had to keep costs low, and in doing so, the overall functional aesthetic was maintained almost more as a necessity than a choice. However in the end, it works, and it works well.


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