Week Twelve – Marketing Board Updates and Final Model News

After getting some feedback on my Presentation Board submissions so far, it was decided that they should look more fun and organic, rather than linear and, for lack of a better word, calm. So here is what I have so far:

Organic Marketing Boards

Also, I have neglected to include much information on the status of my final model, so here is a quick update:

I have nearly finished creating the planting beds. You can view their progress below:

However, there has been an issue with the pots with regards to the draft angles and the vacuum forming process. I have remade a more process friendly mould, which will fix the issues. However, before I make the mould for that, I need to have at least one planting bed made. After that is made, I can judge the width of both the Frame and the Pots. If I did them in parallel, there is a very good change that they will be off, and the product itself will just look wrong.

I am making progress, and will have everything made and ready in a very timely manner.


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