Week Twelve – Logo Work

Here is yet another batch of logos and symbols I’ve been working on.

New Logos

I think that POD will be my product’s name. The name itself can refer to a great number of aspects of the product. For example, each planting bed acts as a pod, while the pots themselves would act as peas. Also this product was designed to help people teach themselves and others about planting. Because of this, it is a product which can allow people to bond, or get on like “two peas in a pod”. Other examples of how the name relates is that everything is pretty much included in the product, like tools etc. Therefore in itself, it is a pod. Also, pod is a horticultural verb meaning to bear or form pods.

To be honest, if I could go back to the aesthetic application stage, I’d probably change my design radically, making it look more podular.


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