Week Eleven – Planting Calendar Compilation Update, Advertisement Preferences & Other Things

Throughout the previous weeks I’ve been trying to come up with a method of displaying the planting information graphically, while still relating its design to the product as a whole, and this is what I’ve come up with:

Planting Calendar Graphic

Note: It appears that the pdf has made everything kind of clunky, but the design is basically the same. It must also be noted that the some of the seeds have not been put into the correct category, as I am still making sure of the category in which they are to be placed.

The colours are definitely going to change, especially when I start colouring all of it, but for the moment, I am content with its design and layout.

In terms of the final marketing board, I’ve been looking at what is already out there for inspiration; magazines, the internet, newspapers, billboards etc. and there are some elements of each that I would like to incorporate into mine. Here are some examples of the ones I’ve taken from the internet:

I think that on my board, I would love if the product itself was situated in the foreground, ahead of everything else, with a really clean background. The idea would be that it is situated in an environment, but that environment is so minimalist and white that it is almost invisible to the viewer, unless they go looking for it. I like the idea of toying around with QR codes, and I have said since before Christmas that I would put a QR code to my email or perhaps this blog (once I make it public again) onto the board anyway. But it would be interesting to have, for instance, a QR code where a pot would be, and it links to a picture of the product with flowers growing in it. I really do not want to have the colour green everywhere, but in saying that, I don’t want to limit my options at this point. Knowing me, I’ll probably have 30 iterations before I arrive at a board with which I am satisfied.

Also this week I have printed out stencils that I can use to shape my frame. I will also have to make a lot of progress with my final model this week in order to keep the stress levels down.


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