Week Eight – Visual Cue Testing

After spending the past couple of weeks going over the design of both the form and visual cues for the planting pots, I think I’ve arrived at a viable solution. From starting with a basic shape, then evolving it to incorporate both an element of ergonomics and design intent in relation to the production process (injection moulding). the design went through a number of changes. The latter half of the evolution is as follows (note the double pot concept):

As the design progressed, it was suggested that I use the production process to my advantage and tie them in with the visual cues themselves. In relation to the cues themselves, I asked people what they felt should be included, and along with my own views, these six designs were created and tested:

After testing these with people, gauging their reaction and understanding of each one, it reinforced my decision to include some kind of legend of indicator along with the planting calendar which is included on the workstation. However, the cue that won out in the end was this one:

This particular design, according to feedback, was very communicative and stylish and complemented the product, tying together the entire design, which is always a plus.

After spending another couple of hours nailing down the design and refining the cues, the final planting pot pending approval is the following:

Each logo would be explained in the legend, which would indicate how deep each “class” of plant should be planted in relation to the soil depth.

In other news, the seeds planted two weeks ago and coming along awesomely:


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