Week Five – Product Testing & Review by an Expert

Yesterday I had organised to bring in someone with experience with growing their own plants both indoors and outdoors. Sinéad has engaged in this herself, and her friends also grow lots of edible plants which they give to her when she visits. I walked Sinéad through my product, what it does, the steps required, and the overall product philosophy. At the beginning, Sinéad mentioned that she had not seen anything like this when she purchases gardening equipment, and her opinion of my product rose more and more as we spoke. She offered great insight into how the product should function with regards to different plants, but also opened my eyes to an error that also held my project back, which was the tuber bed section. She admitted that when she grew potatoes, the amount of space required in order to plant them was rather large. I explained that I had taken this into account when devising the measurements for the tuber beds, but as she spoke, it became more and more clear that the tuber beds could not be used to grow potatoes in a way that would justify the amount of time that would be needed. It was then decided that that should be removed from the product, and I was very happy with that, as baby potatoes could still be grown in the deeper pots. This also removed the main component that added to the boxy shape of the product, which would give me more freedom when going through the aesthetic iterations.

While talking about the product, Sinéad discussed the option of perhaps including the soil for each pot, to help users get started. I had not though of this before, but in hindsight it seems like a very good idea.

Overall, Sinéad was very impressed, and loved the idea of having the workstation hidden, only to become visible when in use. She was also very fond of the idea of having everything in one place, and used the words “pitter patter” to describe how the product could be used. She acknowledged the fact that this product wouldn’t grow a lot of vegetables, but felt as if the joy and satisfaction aspects, and indeed the educational aspects still weighed heavily in this product’s favour.

Sinéad has also graciously allowed me to user her images in my storyboard that is due soon.


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