Week Five – Lighting Issue Solution

I’ve been spending the day finishing up some new models I started last week in order to tackle the lighting issues. It’s very apparent that as it stands, light will be an issue no matter what, so trying to give each plant every chance to receive it seems paramount.  So, I spent some time taking pictures and looking at how light from different angles effects both the previous concept and the newer concepts (two newer beds were made and then cannibalised to create the next iteration) to and the results seem to show positive progress toward the final solution.

Older Model:

Newer model with issues:

Newer iterations, combined with older model to show how the lighting was drastically reduced with previous models, and then substantially improved with further iteration:

As can be seen from the above image, the bottom two newer models allow for better lighting, whereas the above two are much more of a hindrance.

Here is another picture showing the exact same thing:


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