Week Three – Aesthetics

After spending a number of days trying to resolve my “boxes on a shelf” issue, I think I’ve come up with a nice, tidy solution that would actually get rid of some of the other issues that had yet to be resolved:

Once I remember that this is a space saving endeavour, I knew that I can’t just add a curve here or rad there for the sake of it. This product needs to save space, so space efficiency is a must. Because of this, I came up with this capped, extruded shape. It looks clean, simple, and much better. I think it would also resolve many more issues such as:

The design of the beds and the visual cues’ aesthetics will definitely match better

Each bed will be slightly elevated which would keep them out of the reach of pests should they be placed on the ground

An optional greenhouse cover can now be added to deter pests, protect from weather, and help grow certain types of plants. This is purely optional and can be removed.

Each bed has its own minimal space distance from other beds if they are stacked. To a novice, the other beds may have been placed directly on top of each other, giving rise to many issues such as light and growing space.

This design now allows for the product to be stacked, and not necessarily need the use of a rail.

A better rail system may also allow for the beds to slide up and down, rather than being secured into a stationary place.


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