Week Minus Two – Building a Test Rig

After careful consideration, I have decided that I shall build a very functional test rig to reveal and issues and see what issues may rise with its design. Here is an image of what I will be building, it has already been started:

and a close up:

Off the bat I can see issues with lighting and balance, but they can be sorted out along the line. This is an iterative process after all.

On a related note. I’ve also got  thinking about logo design and marketing board layouts. On the 8th of January I undertook some logo generation. Here is what I have so far:

Personally, I find the marketing side of things very enjoyable, especially if a bad pun can be worked in. As this project continues to “grow”, I shall “dig deep” to the “root” of any problem that may “crop” up, and “weed out” any features that are not needed.


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