Week Four: Current List of Customer Requirements

This product should
  • be suitable for confined areas
  • be easy to use
  • be somewhat automated
  • grow produce with a high success rate
  • be accompanied by advice
  • be easily maintainable
  • be protected
  • have an incentive
  • address issues such as over watering and weather
  • look and feel modern and be attractive
  • be reusable
  • be easy to access
  • not be stressful
  • be organic
  • be easy to assemble and set up
  • be easily accessible
  • Keep a sense of community
  • Include the person in the process
  • Reduce pests
  • Reduce/prevent risk of disease
  • Create an interest in GYO
  • Keep and maintain interest in the product
  • Usable all year round
  • be expandable
  • Not be affected by temperature
  • Kept close at hand
  • Not cause stress on peoples backs
  • Usable both outdoors and indoors
  • be transportable
  • be collapsible

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