Week Three – Site Visits – Limerick

On Friday I met with Sinead McDonnell, who works as an Environmental Awareness Officer in City Hall, Limerick.

She brought me to many different places including O’Brien Park and Ballynanty. She was very very helpful. Here are the pictures I took:

Sinead herself does not do much gardening due to time constraints, but this is offset by the fact that she loves her job and it allows her to get involved in this area anyway.She was very well educated on what she showed me and on what she spoke about, and she was able to put me in contact with many more people. Here are the notes taken from the meeting:

Places visited:

O’Brien Park:

  • Demonstration allotment site
  • Very little vandalism
  • Plots and composting present


  • Fenced in Allotment
  • They took a fenced, unmanaged area and transformed it.
  • In order to reduce land issues, they can not have the allotment open every day of the year
  • Provided a room for people to store equipment and a place for people to meet and get to know each other
  • Complaints from some users about the ground surface being unsuitable for babies

Southhil – Closed

  • Enclosed Allotment

Moyross Community Centre – Garden Closed

  • Community Garden
  • Container Garden
  • Research Tumbler Units

Places to visit: Scariff Seed Savers, Co. Cork

Sinead also got me in contact with many more people who she feels would help me with the project.

Websites to research:

Further Research:

  • Composting – insulation
  • Methods of Reducing Food Waste
  • Compost or Compost tea for plants
  • The balance between nitrogen and carbon
  • Mulch mowers and grass cycling
  • Puddleducks – appropriate clothing for gardeners
I also picked up a lovely quote from her in relation to the weather that she got from a friend:
“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”

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