Week Three – Interview with Muireann – Notes

Muireann has a small enclosed yard. It is being used for storage, sitting out and drying clothes.  She’s had tried growing a container garden, and peppers and herbs such as lavender, but it never worked as the yard was not the ideal temperature. She really wants to be able to grow her own herbs, at least. Her mother is a very good gardener who grows herbs and flowers very well. However she doesn’t grow vegetables because she wouldn’t be there when harvest time comes.

On weekends and during the summer she is away from home, so she would not be able to maintain it. If she had a way of knowing what to do and when to do it when it comes to gardening, this would give her the motivation and expertise she needs to make it work.

She lives far from allotments, but would like to get involved if they were closer. But she goes away a lot so doesn’t have time to spend on allotments. She also said that if it’s too far away, it defeats the purpose of going an allotment. She would want to be able to drop in because she wants to, not because she had a plan.

She would be willing to explore the areas of hydroponics et al, but it all comes down to space issues. She has unused space outside the front of the house. The neighbours grow stuff in their window boxes. There are no issues of vandalism where she lives so the front of the house is a relatively safe place to grow things.

She has heard of current products like Mini greenhouses, tiered planting, and ceiling planters, but space issues are the main concern. She also received an all in one herb planting kit, but hasn’t had the time to deploy it. With regards to aesthetics, she would rather have a muddy planting plot rather than an empty one.

Muireann is part of the environmental committee and has gotten involved in the foundation building garden project.

Her main concerns are space issues, a lack of knowledge, fear of not knowing what to do and when to do it (feeding, weeding etc.). She doesn’t have time to read gardening books. She has friends who started and got really into it. She feels that kitchen gardening is very worthwhile in that the more time you put in, the more you get out of it. There is a good payback which a really good incentive. When you do something and there’s no payback, it becomes more difficult to keep it up.

Main Points:

Space Issues

Has No garden

Has tried container gardening but it didn’t work out

Is away from home a lot during weekends and summertime

Has very little time to maintain a garden

Feels she does not have the required expertise

She could visit allotments, but feels that travelling a distance would defeat the purpose of using the allotment, would offset some of the benefits, and turn gardening into a job.


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