What I know:

Interest is rising with regards to Kitchen Gardening.

Issues with pests and pest control methods are a major concern.

Of those who do grow their own produce, most prefer traditional gardening methods.

Many are unaware of the more modern methods – hydroponics, aeroponics et al. – or do not know how to get involved with them.

Some prefer allotments to home gardening and vice versa.

There is an issue with maintaining an appealing aesthetic in a garden while creating a patch for growing.

Some say that space is a major issue when growing.

There are people who are simply uninterested in growing their own fruit/vegetables/herbs

Expense is a very big issue – tools/equipment, outside help et al.

People with limited free time are less likely to grow their own produce.

The amount of effort required can sometimes deter people.

When people grow their own fruit, there is sometimes more shoots than fruit.

Organic fruit and vegetable cultivation can be very difficult, depending on one’s level of experience.

People with back problems, limited mobility/dexterity, or other needs experience many issues when gardening using traditional methods.

Those who do grow their own produce successfully feel that what they grow tastes better.

Over watering plants is an issue with which people are concerned.

Time of year/Weather does affect peoples’ decisions to plant.

Indoor systems exist, but are:

  • Not reusable
  • Energy Draining
  • Fundamentally flawed

What I don’t know:

The science behind more modern cultivation methods out there:

  • Hydroponics
  • Aeroponics
  • Plant Propagation
  • Organic, water-wise methods
  • Sharecropping
  • Container gardening
  • Vertical gardening

The best cultivation methods for growing a kitchen garden

Effort required for the different methods

Why there is a renewed interest, with people growing more produce

Are there alternatives to gardens/allotments

Maintenance issues in the garden

The whole process from beginning to end

How do I find out:

Interview the experts

Survey the public

Meetings with horticulturists, experts in the field

Visit allotments

Visit Garden Centres

Visit DIY stores

Online Resources

Journal Entries on the subject


Those who are interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables

People lacking space

People who cannot access fields, e.g. Older Persons, or disabled

People with no access to fields

People with no access to allotments

People with limited spare time

People with limited dexterity/mobility

People with other requirements


Older Persons


People who don’t like mess

People who move often

Apartment dwellers

People who wish to save money


A product that allows people to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs; even though they may not be living in the idea situation, have the proper abilities/expertise, or have sufficient spare time.




Confined spaces

Small scale



Both on and off season

Regardless of whether the weather is good or bad

Day and night


This subject is very topical at the moment

This product has potential to generate much interest

There is a market gap present

There are needs present which can be filled.

There are some issues present with current systems that may be fixed.

Current Products:

Traditional Methods

Plug pots

Soil based cultivation methods

Energy draining hydroponics systems

Portable Greenhouses

Mini Greenhouses

Propagators, albeit indirectly

Grow Pots

Window ledge pots


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