Week Two – Site Visit: McGuire’s Garden Centre

Last weekend I also visited McGuire’s Garden Centre, in Waterford:

Visiting a store that sells nothing but gardening products was very refreshing. There were a lot of products available that catered to many consumers’ needs. This was the first place I visited where I was greeted with indoor gardening products. However, once again, there was only one product that resembled anything like it was presenting a method of growing fruit, vegetables, or herbs indoors:

This product seemed very useful at first, however it then became apparent that it was meant for plants that would soon need re-potting in another area. Although it can be used inside, it still relied on traditional methods scaled down,  and the plants within would still require a lot of constant care.

Of all the stores I visited, I felt that at the point, I was getting closer to narrowing down the scope of my project further, and a character profile of the consumer I’m designing for began to take shape.


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