Week Two – Site Visit: Ballybeg Allotment

One of the places I visited on Saturday was an allotment in Ballybeg, Waterford:

This allotment is relatively new, and half of it is still under construction. It was very interesting to see an allotment at this point, to understand why it is designed the way it is, its layout and crops.

This particular allotment is a community based one, meaning that the community of Ballybeg are the sole users of the grounds.

One main issue I found with this allotment is that a main road runs past it on three sides. Due to the emissions given off by the vehicles that pass, this allotment may not grow the best produce possible.

There is also a stables nearby, and a childrens’ play area. This may also cause problems due to vandalism and curious animals. However, this allotment seems pretty fortified, which may deter unwanted visitors.


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