Week Two – Supporting Arguments gathered from Interviews

Paddy – Retired

Paddy started a kitchen garden one year ago, after he retired.

He did not have the time to do it while he worked.

He used a part of his garden to make it, and does it because it is enjoyable, and he can see the results of his labour.

He did not use any allotments because they were too far away, although a new one is opening up nearby. However, this is a community allotment, and this concept concerned him – privacy, damage, competition.

Paddy also has a problem with pest control.

James – 10 years old

James is very interested in growing fruit and vegetables.

He gained this interest, as well as an interest in fishing from Paddy, his grandfather.

He helped turn the soil and plant the crop with his grandfather.

At home, his parents do not want him to destroy the garden for something they see as uninteresting. However, they do get vegetables from Paddy.

James expressed interest in growing things in his own room, but said it might get too messy and his parents might get angry.

James was very excited and proud while showing me around the garden.

Bridget – Home maker

Bridget uses an allotment with her husband. Both of them plant, he harvests, but she must dry the vegetables and clean them. She brought me through the procedure.

It takes up a lot of space and can be very messy.

She just got new floors in and is trying her best not to ruin them.

Ginny – Chef

Used to grow fruit and vegetables in a community allotment with her family.

The family then moved away to another city. There are now no allotments nearby so they do not grow vegetables anymore.

Ginny is still very interested in doing so, because she loved to make things using what she grew.

Unnamed – Garda

Uses an allotment is New Ross to grow fruit and vegetables

The allotment at which she works is comprised of mostly older persons, and this can cause some issues.

She spoke about the use of experimental procedures there, as well as comparing raised beds to regular ones, as well as wheelchair accessible allotments.

Michelle – Student

Her mother does a lot of baking and crafts and loves making something from nothing. She is becoming very interested in growing her own fruit and vegetables, but lacks the space and time.


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