Week Two – Redefining the Scope

This post will be edited as more details become apparent –

What I know:

People are becoming more interested in growing their own produce.

There is an issue with pests when growing

Many prefer traditional methods or are ignorant of the more modern methods such as hydroponics or aeroponics

Some people like the concept of allotments, but others prefer to garden at home

Space is a major issue for people wanting to grow their own produce

Some do not want to, as they say, destroy the look of their garden.

There are some indoor systems out there, but they have faults

  • Unenvironmental
  • Not reusable
  • Fundamentally flawed – insufficient light source, too much power usage

What I don’t know:

The science behind more modern cultivation methods out there

The best methods for growing a kitchen garden

Why people are growing more produce

Are there alternatives to gardens/allotments

How do I find out:



Meetings with horticulturists

Visit allotments

Visit Garden Centres

Visit DIY stores

Online Research


Those who are interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables

People lacking space

People who cannot access fields, e.g. Older Persons, or disabled


People who don’t like mess

People moving house

Apartment dwellers

People looking to save money


A product to bring the kitchen garden experience to those who may not be living in the ideal situation, who may not have the expertise, or who may not have the time.



Confined spaces

Small scale




Maybe something that works irrelevant of the season


This subject is very topical at the moment

There is interest in a product like this

Current Products:

Traditional Methods

Plug pots

Soil based cultivation methods

Energy draining hydroponics systems

Portable Greenhouses


Grow Pots


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