Week One – Final Decision

I have decided that I will base my Final Year Design Project on the following idea posted previously:

1. Investigating and utilizing the benefits of plant life/vegetation in a living environment. This would include researching air filtration, crop cultivation on small and large scales, carbon sinks, usage of dead space, and has the potential to become very conceptual.

This project will allow for research into the horticulture and agronomy industry concerning both large and small scale cultivation methods, investigating different types of cultivation from traditional methods to more modern methods which utilize modern technology and science, such as hydroponics, UV light stimulated growth, plant propagation etc.

People today are becoming increasingly interested in growing their own produce as they are concerned about issues such as genetically modified crops and the overuse of chemicals in standard production. I know many people such as relatives and friends who have begun growing their own food for these reasons. This topic has also become genuinely concerning with other people I’ve discussed my FDP with. With the economy at the point it is now, people are looking to save as much money as possible. This has lead to renewed interest into the small scale cultivation of produce as it would be cheaper and healthier. Raising Awareness in children or people with no experience in the area of produce cultivation would allow them ample opportunity to become interested in new experiences and activities related to personal gardening or produce cultivation.

On the other side, I can investigate into the areas of air filtration, carbon sinks, ventilation, and the newer uses for plants in indoor environments. There are products such as kitchen extractor fans which use plant life to take in pollutants, reducing emissions.

Design based on effects that plant life can have on the surrounding environment as well as the social take on vegetation at various scales would be a very interesting project to undertake, and, if undertaken properly, may very well yield some fascinating results. From an aesthetic point of view, research into the better use of dead spaces could be undertaken with modern solutions in mind, which would not take from the overall environment or cause a negative impact.

For now, it’s all about finding where to start.


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