Week One – Final Year Design Project Ideas, Research & Problem Statements (3)

Here are four of the projects that I will investigate to see if they would make suitable FDPs. They must have sufficient scope, and be able to exhibit all of the skills that were learned throughout the past three years:

1. Investigating a way to make fruit and vegetable produce cultivation more enticing and accessible to the general public.

2. Improve the physical artifacts adjacent to beds present in a hospital environment.

3. Investigate a way to improve methods in which Emergency Relief Aid is delivered to areas in which it is needed.

4. Create a healthier office environment with regards to activity (or lack thereof) and the detrimental effects or prolonged sitting on human health.

Of the four above, I am leaning towards Number One and Two, as I feel they would be interesting, somewhat unique, and have a wide enough scope at this time.


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