Week One – Final Year Design Project Ideas, Research & Problem Statements (1)

Over the past few months I’ve been gathering some sentences and phrases that could have evolved into an idea. Many of them are very silly and others are specific solutions, and of course, many of them exist already, but here they are all the same:

  1. Concealed Scoliosis Brace
  2. A plug that cannot electrocute you – all metal covered before any electrical contact occurs.
  3. Automated Omni-gym equipment
  4. Portable Festival Rubbish Collectors
  5. Children’s jewellery with parent’s phone number on it
  6. Rain Powered greenhouse watering system
  7. Disaster Relief Cabin
  8. Make a body part do more for you
  9. Inflatable Zen Garden
  10. Redesign the perambulator
  11. Improve Zimmer Frame
  12. Improve Crutches
  13. Something to keep a child’s attention when taking a photograph
  14. Redesigned electricity pylon
  15. Improve the fishing industry
  16. Interchangeable Steering System for a bicycle – touch sensitive breaks – If one set is disconnected, the next set slots in perfectly – designed to fit one way – Modular
  17. Mobile Technology Market is growing
  18. Pack Stash, or Stash Pack – take _____ anywhere
  19. Better Hypospray – workable alternative to a needle
  20. Lightweight Prosthetics
  21. Smart Prosthetics
  22. Home fire alarm system with active smoke ventilation when the alarm sounds
  23. A snowplough attachment for not so often use
  24. New parking space design so bikes and bicycles can fit in too
  25. Dashboard mounted Speed limit detector using GPS
  26. Road signs that light up just before you come to them – Speed signs etc.
  27. Ergonomic Post Bag
  28. LCD piano learning display – when you push a key it shows up on a score sheet with a midi representation and piano keys below.
  29. A project about how the music experience has changed. There is a large showmanship element to music now. People would go to concerts rather than listening to CD’s etc.
  30. A more immersive Cinema experience – A cinema chair that moves and reacts to the user and what’s on screen
  31. Shell infrastructure so that the gas isn’t just burned off. Natural Gas could be used to make bottles etc.
  32. A piano overlay to teach/learn how to play better
  33. 85% of accident and emergency admissions were related to trampoline injuries.
  34. Minimise the danger while maintaining a high level of fun
  35. Rapid emergency relief deployment
  36. Better airplane sick bags
  37. Power your house with lightning
  38. Deep sea farming / mining apparatus
  39. Nautical safety equipment
  40. Redesign the airplane life jacket
  41. Mag lev citywide infrastructure
  42. Tracked public transport from anywhere to anywhere
  43. Light weight collapsible bike
  44. Cup holder for everywhere
  45. Cinema experience redesign
  46. Elderly assistance services / products
  47. Make people feel happy
  48. Suicide prevention system
  49. Faster emergency response systems
  50. Surveillance equipment redesign
  51. Redesign a perambulator to make it better/comfortable/functional
  52. Problems during the adoption process that could be easily fixed
  53. Better schooling integration systems between students of different cultures
  54. Redesign the computer mouse
  55. Prevent RSI while using a computer
  56. Better bathroom experience
  57. Mouth ulcer friendly toothbrush
  58. Psychological phenomena and how to benefit from them
  59. An innovative approach to give under privileged people access to enterprise opportunities
  60. Hypnosis and pain reduction
  61. System to prevent cruelty to animals
  62. Holographic/virtual training
  63. Better nuclear plant protection systems
  64. Underwear
  65. Teach hand eye coordination to children
  66. Develop skills in children from an early age
  67. Solar panels on the moon
  68. Convert infrared light to energy
  69. Less lethal X-rays
  70. Turbulence could charge a plane
  71. Special plane seats for dogs
  72. Cat claw protection
  73. Dog waste cleaner
  74. Dog shoes
  75. Dog leash you don’t need to hold
  76. Airport postal service for sending home restricted hand luggage
  77. Kitchen Robot
  78. Alarm system that is hidden.
  79. Shock pocket – a pocket protector that shocks anyone who tries to pick pocket you
  80. Oled Placemats
  81. Induction Charged Car
  82. Child safety lock system
  83. Plane OLED HUD
  84. Electric floor scrub brush
  85. Car stopper in drive way
  86. Neck Destrainer
  87. Power Saving system in a house. Turns off everything except for the essentials at certain times – fridge, clock, router – Can be done remotely. Special plug sockets too perhaps
  88. A medical relief device to be used in a war situation by one person – some kind of cauterising panels for first aid kits for improved explosive devices – e.g. IED goes off, army medic comes in with first aid kit, clears wound, cauterises it with some small disposable electrical kit
  89. Hospital Drip transport improvement
  90. Embedded technology – muscle trainers, Bluetooth headsets etc.
  91. Lost and found website service
  92. Aesthetically efficient modern rapid build housing
  93. A new hospital overtable for patients who must remain in their beds.
  94. A Pram that can be converted into a car seat.
  95. Onscreen planned surgery interface that is constantly updated to increase performance and minimise error.
  96. A touch-screen overhead system for the surgeons and nurses to use to link everyone together –  at the moment nurses have to call out all the medication they give etc, and some guy logs it down, and they have to request blood pressures etc. to be taken
  97. Self pain relief for terminal patients built like an insulin belt, but with lots of restrictors that measure blood drug concentration, and take in your mass/height/other
  98. A device to help people get through the withdrawal symptoms of self medication reductions
  99. Laminar Flow Cabinet – Horizontal flow provides the best protection to the samples, but does not protect the user. This requires the user to wear a special hazmat suit. So if a horizontal flow cabinet is designed that protects a user, there would be a market for it.
  100. Able Everywhere – A portable device that converts a regular toilet into one which can assist those who require assistance, such as older persons, disabled etc.
  101. Keep Calm – War and impromptu emergencies involving injury can push people beyond their limits. Stress and Panic can be the deciding factors that separate life and death. By addressing this and researching the situation in which this occurs, an aid delivery device could be created that could keep both the victim and the responder calm during the first aid administering process, so that they can be transported stably to a facility when rescue arrives.
  102. Pack RAT (Rapid Aid Transport) – There are clear issues with the delivery of aid to disaster stricken areas. This is due to the process in which aid is delivered. It is quick and hastily prepared, and many issues that rise are dealt with on the way. However this can cause delays and the aid cannot reach its destination as quick as it could. From food and shelter to first aid and rescue, a more organised approach with proper tools may reduce the downtime associated with rapid aid relief that is hastily prepared. This in turn may save more lives.
  103. temPLOUGH – After witnessing both Ireland’s and Finland’s approach to dealing with bad weather; seeing the difference is shocking. Ireland “shut down” when a film of snow fell, whereas Finland ran like clockwork even at -44°C. If there was some way to keep Ireland from returning to a standstill when bad weather arrives, it would prevent Ireland from “shutting down” and this would be a big plus. (For example, a portable vehicle mounted plough)
  104. GreenPod – The gardening industry promotes clean, healthy living spaces that reflect the environment, yet many of the methods used to create beautiful scenes damage the environment substantially. By utilizing modern and even dated technology, a greenhouse or similar could be created that can use the surrounding environment to help itself flourish, without actually taking from the environment. Automatic use of rain water for watering, environmental stability measures, solar and wind powered lighting, for example, could be used, which would be renewable.
  105. Living Desk// Floating Office – New studies show that sitting for long periods of time does a lot more damage to the human body than previously though. Spending the majority of your time seated each day is not good for your back and your heart. Although more research is needed in this field, preliminary tests show that a lot of damage can be done. I feel that a product can be designed that can address the issue of too much sitting and standing throughout the day, to find a healthy compromise.
  106. 3e – Entertaining Education for Everyone – Within hospitals and Homes for Older Persons, exercise, stimulation, and other activities are few and far between. Many spend most of their day in their room and then are brought to a Day Room to be placed in front of a television. The outcome of this project would be a product or system that would create a stimulating environment for the disabled or those staying at the above establishments, which would allow for an enjoyable, healthier and overall positive experience.
  107. Cannula One – Hospital patients sometimes need to have a cannula inserted into them during their stay, which allows for various medicines to easily be injected into the bloodstream. However, the sight of a tube protruding from one’s wrist can be very unsettling for some, and safety can be a major concern too. They can get caught and snagged on other things which cause bleeding, distress and can lead to infection. If undertaken it can be possible to design a new type of cannula casing which would address the issue. As the design aspects would take place at the part of the cannula which is outside the body, it would be feasible, after thorough research, to improve the product while maintaining its overall essence.

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