Design Showcase

Here are some images from the Design Showcase:

It was an absolutely fantastic showcase, and everybody put in so much effort without exception. No doubt I’ll attend next year’s one to see what’s created then!


Week Sixteen – Aesthetic Model Deadline Submission

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my model recently in order to get it ready in time to meet the deadline, and I did it with 21 minutes to spare! Here are some quick pictures I took before it was put into storage after being signed in:

I will take better pictures when I return to Limerick after the weekend. I think that every one in my class deserves a relaxing weekend after the past few hectic weeks!

Week Fifteen – Presentation Board

Here is a link to my Final Presentation Board that will be displayed at the Showcase:

Presentation Board

Before this board could have been made, I also had to update the Planting Calendar to reflect the new aesthetic. It is now a Cultivation Schedule and integrates the logo and a complementary colour scheme:

Cultivation Schedule

Week Fourteen – Detail Drawings

Here are my detail drawings that I submitted along with my SolidWorks model on CD:

A1 Detail Drawings

I also created a drawings file containing each part to ensure thoroughness throughout my FYP:

A3 Full Drawings

Please note that the submitted versions did not contain the watermark.

Week Fourteen – Research Report (Digital Copy)

I was debating whether or not to upload my final Research Report as it is merely a summary of the first half of this Blog with some iterations, but it would be a great place to keep a copy of it for safekeeping: